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Remcos lettin’ it all hang out

I don’t post (or even tweet) very much about the malware going through my sandbox; in most cases it has been blogged about by more than one person in way more depth than I could. The other day, however, one stood out in my feed for a few reasons –

  • it was the first time I’d had a Remcos sample
  • contrary to what most blogs I read about it said, its C2 traffic was in the clear
  • despite knowing that Emerging Threats had multiple signatures explicitly for Remcos, I didn’t see any of them fire
Remcos C2 traffic

The content is exactly what one would expect – an array of values holding parameters of the infected host, separated by the string “|cmd|”, but no decryption was necessary.

Someone familiar with Remcos might also have spotted another odd feature from the above screenshot; the value “” is the address of its C2 server. Given that my sandbox doesn’t have any route to a device with that address, these connections inevitably failed.

What is the point of having a private IP as a C2 server? Two possibilities spring to mind:

  • The sample was intended for a target network with an established foothold serving as an internal C2
  • It is an unfinished or test sample and the address is for the creator’s lab C2 server

I lean strongly toward the latter, given who it was sent to and that the data was also unencrypted, though I’m open to other ideas.